Why Your Advertising Copy is not the Most Important Part of Your Ad

If you own a shop in the middle of the desert, and nobody walks past... obviously you're not going to attract many customers.

If you own a vegetarian café in the middle of a meat-eating suburb? you could get very skinny... very fast.

And if you run ads where either:

a) The wrong people see them


b) Not enough people see them

Your phones aren't going to ring... and nobody is going to come into your store...

No matter how good your copy is.
No matter how good your headline is.
No matter how good your offer is.

And I see people make this mistake all the time. For instance, about a year ago I was chatting with a guy I know who sells computer gear to businesses? and he was thinking about placing an ad in the Sydney Morning Herald.

What's wrong with this? My guess is 90% of the people reading the Sydney Morning Herald are NOT business owners? and therefore 90% of his advertising dollar is wasted.

What's the alternative? Place ads in business publications where you are reaching 100% of your target market.

Or alternatively, rent a list, and direct mail the decision makers within the specific companies you want to approach.

You may pay more to reach each individual: however every single person you communicate with is a potential client. It makes a lot more sense? doesn't it?

And here's a tip for those businesses who sell products to the general public (like property, clothes, entertainment, home improvement, food or anything else).

If you want your ad to be seen then place it:

a)On the right hand side of the newspaper. Research has proven that right hand side pages get a better result than left hand side pages.

b)In the early general news? as far forward as you can. I always go for page 3, 5 or 7. And pay the loading (usually 30 - 50%) because my experience shows it's well worth it!

But don't take my word on it. Implement these strategies, measure the results and see what results you achieve in your business.

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