Health and Fitness: A Huge Industry in Need of Writers

Think about how much you read about and spend on health and fitness.

Do you ever exercise? Take supplements? Go on a diet? Visit the doctor sometimes? Most of us do all four. And how many books, magazines, tapes of videos related to health and fitness do you have in your home?

This is a colossal industry, and seems to be growing bigger all the time. This is particularly true right now, as the baby boomers grow older and are looking for ways to maintain and improve their health.

Whether the subject is exercise, weight loss, prescription drugs or alternative remedies, there is a massive demand not only for products and services - but also for articles and promotional copy to promote those services.

Just do a few searches on Google.

A search for the word "health" yields 615,000,000 results.

"Fitness" yields 90,400,000 results

That's over 700 million web pages that have been written about health and fitness. It's a phenomenal figure.

And each and every one of those pages had to be written by someone.

Now think of all the magazines that focus on health and fitness. The books. The videos. And all that advertising and direct mail.

Do you get the idea? Here is an industry that is constantly in need of writers.

Whether your interest is in writing articles or in writing direct marketing copy, you can be sure of finding work.

Your next step is to find the right niche. Which area in health and fitness best suits your interests and experience? What would you like to write about?

And do you want to write articles, or are you more of a sales person...and better suited to direct marketing copywriting?

If you want to go where the money is, I always recommend the latter. Why? Because a good direct marketing copywriter will always be paid more.

Whatever kind of writing you want to do, take a look at this market. It is truly colossal, and provides freelancers with wonderful opportunities to find good work and make a decent income.

To find out more about writing for the health and fitness market, read my review of this course, Writing for The Health Market.

Nick Usborne is a freelance copywriter, author and speaker. For more articles and resources on making money as a freelance writer, visit his site,

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