Quotations as Expressions in Life

Quotations are expressions, usually in the spoken form or in literature, which are referenced to by others. Usually, quotations are written within quotation marks, as a verbum dicendi, to indicate that it was an expression given by a particular person. Nowadays, quotations are usually referenced from sources such as literature, speeches, movie dialogues, interviews or even song lyrics.

Where are quotations used?

Quotations are used for many reasons. In the scientific arena, quotations are utilized to indicate a previous study that was conducted by another researcher, in which it is currently being referenced to. In the media, quotations are used to report on what has been said by politicians, scientists, entertainers as well as business people. Over in modern literature, ideas and thoughts are reinforced through the used of quotations that are revered to or regarded as respected. Certain quotations contain universal truths, which are elaborated to support a point to be made. These are also sometimes known as maxims.

Apart from that, there are also beautiful quotations which are thought to be artistic expressions of a certain language form. Sometimes these expressions can be found in poetry or old literature. Furthermore, some quotations are just used because they remind the writer of a memorable piece of work or movie.

Proper credit to the originator

It is of ultimate importance to include the name of the person whom the quotation originated from, after the statement of the quotation. This is in order to give proper credit to the person who first thought of that particular quote, and whom has given it the meaning that it has today. Sometimes quotations are used to even reflect the personality of the original author, either to show great wisdom, great creativity and sometimes even great foolishness!

Reflection of culture

Quotations may even come in the form of proverbs, which is born out of the culture and history of a people or nation. Usually, these proverbs are hundreds or even thousands of years old which have been preserved till the modern age today. The Bible is one important source of quotation which has withstood the test of time and therefore is one of the most widely source of quotes for the past hundreds or even thousands of years.

Misuse in the art of quotations

In certain cases, especially over the course of the development of literature, quotations used may have been criticized to lack substance or originality. This is because sometimes quotations of unknown origin are utilized and therefore the author of the material is deemed to have used a quote that lacked strong proof of support.

Apart from that, written material that contains too many quotations may seem to lack originality as it may be packed with borrowed ideas. In this sense, quotations should then be used with tack and good judgment, so as not to bring down the standards of publication. Most of the time, whenever quotations are used with good sense, through the adding of value and meaning to certain issues, the power of the message that is being conveyed will then be amplified and brought to life. This then becomes the ultimate value of quotations which is rightfully used to bring impact to the written word. For extensive resources on inspirational quotations

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